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"Fantastic! I couldn't put it down.

Fantastic! I couldn't put it down. I think that anyone can relate to Francesca's struggles in some way or another. Very original layout and interesting approach. I'd love to see more from this author, perhaps through the voice of another character? Great read."

- Carla R.


This book was written beautifully and I'm telling you, it's amazing what people goes thru and what they take on them just to survive and make it thru. What responsibilities she takes on to herself and what life has thrown at her. Not too many would take on her life and what she makes of it. Couldn't put this book down. This is an voluntary review for an advanced copy."

- Carol

"perfect thematics for a young woman

I ordered this book as a gift for an 18 year old girl! The book`s introduction was very accurate.Inter-human connetions and vulnerability, perfect thematics for a young woman.I decided to read the first 50 pages before handing the gift over.It was the author`s biography that piqued my curiosity. A young debutant with classical schooling, it seems like maybe she has cracked the code for novel writing? The book was an easy read and captivating from the first page. A good balance between character portraits and the pace of the plot. The story moves quickly from scene to scene, holding your attention from start to finish. I was looking forward to sharing the story with my 18 year old. She finished it within a few days,with the same joy and enthusiasm as I did."

- Amazon Customer

"I want more from this author!

A very well-written, easy to read novel, with short chapters and concrete scenes making it easy to finish in a couple of days. The novel is seen from a 19 year old girl, taking way more responsibility than many grown ups ever do. The plot includes a lot of family drama, descriptions of great friendships and of course, love. I totally fell in love with some of the characters, and I recognize to many scenes. I will recommend it to girls every ages, as some or many of the topics will hit you one day or another.
As a debut novel it surprised me how every scene is so well researched in a way that makes it easy to relate to and believe in. This is a page-turner, perfect summer read, made me smile, laugh and even cry. I am looking forward to hopefully more novels by Nova Fornell."

- Amazon Customer

"A good read

Francesca's Voice is an easy to read book with a story following a young woman trying to grow up and find herself, while being held back by her difficult family situation. I think Nova Fornell has managed to write in a style that leaves the reader wanting more after every chapter.
I usually struggle to finish the books that I start on, but had no problem finishing this one."

- Amazon Customer

"A strog debut!

An easy read and a gripping story. Lots of good and funny depictions that made it easy to sympathize with the characters. I felt frustrated, sad as well as happy on their behalf. A strong debut and I hope we'll get to read more works by this author."

- Amazon Customer

"the developing love story; the clever business deal and how ballet ...

This was a page turner. Several interesting themes: the father daughter relationship; the developing love story; the clever business deal and how ballet brought balance to Francesca's life. Loved it."

- Amazon Customer

"Sad that it ended so soon

I enjoyed this book very much. The way the characters were portrayed was very good. A nice summer read. I wish the book would have been longer."

- Amazon Customer

"Francesca's Voice

It was well written kept your interest. Could not put it down. The plot kept you on edge wondering what would happen next. Different story line. Enjoyed"

- Janis Boocks

Reviews for Francesca's Voice

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